Embracing Holistic Agriculture for a Sustainable Future

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A historic ranch, a legacy of fruitful orchards, a family committed to innovation and sustainability—This is Bloom Ranch

Nestled in California's fertile heartland, Bloom Ranch covers 250 acres, proudly standing as the county's largest Black-owned ranch. Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Bill Releford, the ranch harmoniously blends the rich history of its founders with a forward-thinking commitment to sustainability and holistic health. At Bloom Ranch, traditional agricultural techniques meet modern innovation, creating a unique model of farming that promotes environmental stewardship and community well-being. This serene escape not only reconnects people with the land but also serves as a beacon of Black leadership in agriculture, advocating for wellness and accessibility for all.

Dr. Releford at Bloom Ranch

Legacy and Vision

At Bloom Ranch, our heritage is crafted from the enduring legacy of the Blum family, enhanced by the innovative spirit of the Billets, and propelled into the future under the visionary stewardship of Bill Releford. Our narrative is defined by a relentless dedication, with each generation enhancing our bond with the land, blending European artisanal traditions with the agricultural heritage of America's Deep South. For Dr. Releford, this farm represents a profound commitment to his life assignment—a commitment to uplift and inspire, advocating for those in need and empowering lives through health and authenticity. This journey is our promise to sow seeds of hope and healing, striving to leave a profound impact on the world.

Rooted in the Past Focused on the Future

Our guiding principle, "The flowers that bloom tomorrow are the seeds you plant today," encapsulates our commitment to the cyclical nature of life and the stewardship of our land. With roots deeply entrenched in the past, we gaze forward, embracing innovation while honoring the legacy that shapes our present and future.

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Our Location

31880 Aliso Canyon Rd, Acton, CA 93510, United States