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Curated Events

Nestled within the historic heart of Bloom Ranch, our accommodations offer an exclusive retreat into the serene beauty of California's past, married with the comfort of modern luxury. The Orchard House and The Homestead House, along with our two luxury Airstreams, stand as beacons of hospitality, each with its own story and charm, accessible only through a personal invitation by the owner. This select offering ensures that every stay with us is not just a visit, but an experience steeped in the rich heritage and natural beauty of the ranch.

Curated Celebrations and Corporate Events

At Bloom Ranch we curate celebrations that transcend the ordinary, each one an invitation-only gathering that speaks to the heart of what it means to connect, celebrate, and cherish.Ours is a practice of quiet excellence, not revealing the identities or stories of those we serve, provides the ultimate vista for extraordinary celebrations and experiences to unfold. At Bloom Ranch, exclusivity is not a barrier but a gateway to experiences that resonate with the soul. This approach allows us to maintain the sanctity and integrity of the experiences we offer, ensuring that every event remains a cherished memory, shared among the few.

The Orchard House: A Monument to Heritage

The Orchard House stands as a testament to enduring beauty and architectural grace. Completed in 1916 and lovingly restored, its black and white facade evokes a striking contrast against the lush backdrop of the ranch. Occupied by the original homesteader's family, this house is a living archive of the ranch's history. The transformation of the sleeping porch into a tranquil lounge, the cellar's history as the keeper of the Blum family's harvests, and the attic's expansive views across the orchards, all contribute to the home's unique charm, showcasing the distinct architectural heritage of Southern California.

The Homestead House: A Blend of Tradition and Tranquility

The Homestead House, with its origins in the 1930s and recent renovations preserving its soul, offers an intimate escape within Bloom Ranch. Original windows, a stone fireplace, and siding merge seamlessly with modern updates, crafting a space that tells tales of its origins while inviting contemporary comfort. Perched atop historical stone walls, every room presents breathtaking vistas—from the lilac fields and mountainside to the evolving spa and garden spaces. This abode marries the privacy and tranquility of a retreat with the allure of restorative spa amenities. Its transformation marks a new chapter in its history, promising a blend of relaxation, luxury, and enchantment for those fortunate enough to dwell within its walls.

Streams of Consciousness

For those seeking a blend of adventure and luxury, our two eco-friendly Airstreams provide an unparalleled way to immerse oneself in the beauty of Bloom Ranch. Situated amidst our breathtaking landscape, these mobile accommodations are designed for those who carry a spirit of exploration and appreciation for the finer touches of outdoor living.